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Montana Ore Purchasing Company
Cora Copper Mine Explosives Detonation

Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana
May 12, 1905
No. Killed - 7

Anaconda Standard, May 13, 1905
Seven men were killed at this mine in an explosion.  It was reported that one of them was handling explosives in the magazine on the 1,500-foot level, when grease from the candle in his cap dropped into a box of explosives at his feet, causing it and three other boxes to explode.

Historical Summary of Mine Disasters in the United States - Volume III

Dynamite Explosion Kills Seven
Chateaugay Record, New York
May 19, 1905

Butte, Mont., (Special). -- By the explosion of 100 pounds of dynamite on the 1,500 foot level of the Cora Mine, one of the Heinze properties, seven men were instantly killed and one badly injured.

Wampra, who is a Finlander, was in the magazine on the 1,500 foot level, getting a supply of powder for Hill and Gill, who were above working in a slope.  T. A. Varden, foreman of the mine, was at the magazine three minutes before the disaster occurred.  He saw Wampra get the powder for himself and companions for the night.  Wampra was tying up about 50 pounds.  Varden left to oversee some work in another part of the mine.  Three minutes after, there was a terrific explosion.  Varden, accompanied by other miners, rushed to the station.  He found Wampra had been killed instantly.

It is believed that the explosion was caused by hot candle grease falling from Wampra's cap on a powder cap.  Gill, O'Brien, Hanley and Hoolihan were killed by the concussion caused by the explosion.  They were at work in some slopes a long distance from the magazine, but the concussion was strong enough to mutilate several of the men badly and tear the clothes off their bodies.

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