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Cardiff Coal Company
Cardiff Mine Explosion

Cardiff, Illinois
March 15, 1903
No. Killed - 5

Correspondence related to the Cardiff Mine  (446 Kb)  PDF Format

Bad Explosions in Cardiff Mine
Davenport Daily Republican, Iowa
March 17, 1903

Pontiac, Ill., March 16. -- Three more terrific explosions have occurred at the Cardiff mines following that of last Thursday.  The nature of the explosion still remains a mystery.  Six miners were in the mine clearing up the wreckage of Thursday's explosion, when the first of the last series occurred.

Men were sent below at once to their aid, and recovered William Humphrey alive, but terribly injured.  The dead bodies of two others were also recovered, but three of the party are still buried in the mine.  They are Ulysis S. Alderson, Hutchinson and Wilson.  At 9 o'clock the most violent explosion of all occurred blowing out the top of the shaft and wrecking the top works.

Chief Mechanic A. M. Michaels was at the mouth of the pit at the time and was seriously injured.  He died three hours later.  Another explosion took place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon but with no fatalities.  The mine will be flooded.

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