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Carbon Hill Coal Company
Carbon Hill Explosives Detonation

Carbon Hill, Henrico County, Virginia
January 16, 1912
No. Killed - 7

See also: Carbon Hill No. 7 Mine Explosion, Dec. 9, 1899
Carbon Hill No. 1 Mine Explosion, January 21, 1911
Carbon Hill Mine Explosion, July 16, 1912

(From Bureau of Mines report, by H. I. Smith)

Some men were putting in the cut holes for a round of shots in the No. 4 tunnel.  Six holes were drilled partly in coal and partly in the rock, and each hole was loaded with 8 sticks of dynamite, without using any tamping.

The battery to fire the shots was on a box of dynamite, 160 feet from the face.  Seven men were near the box.

When the shots were fired the flame extended back to the box, igniting the explosives, probably detonators and dynamite, resulting in the death of 5 of the men and injury of the 2 others.  Dust and possibly gas were involved in spreading the flame.

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