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Buffalo Mining Company
No. 8-B Mine Fire

Saunders, Logan County, West Virginia
December 12, 1968
No. Killed - 3

USBM Final Investigation Report  (1.1 Mb)  PDF Format

A fire occurred at a belt-conveyor that was installed at a point about 80 feet outby survey station spad No. 323 in No. 4 entry, No. 1 section, 8-B JR portal of the 8-B Mine.

The fire was initiated when a short circuit occurred at a temporary splice in the power cable to the belt feeder.

Hydraulic oil, preheated, and escaping under pressure from ruptured hoses, and other combustible materials were ignited as a result of the electric arcing.

Nine men were underground, six escaped unharmed but the other three were overcome with smoke and fumes inby the fire area.

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