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Black Hawk Coal Company
Black Hawk Mine Explosion

Happy, Perry County, Kentucky
December 7, 1923
No. Killed 9

On December 7, 1923, between 3pm and 4pm, a coal dust explosion occurred in the Black Hawk Mine of the Black Hawk Coal Company, causing the death of nine men and the injury of four others.

Six men were dead when found in the mine, one died enroute to the hospital.  One miner, who had just come out of the mine, and was standing at the drift mouth at the time of the explosion, was blown about 150 feet into a little gulch and was instantly killed.

A small shanty situated about 75 feet from the mouth of the drift and in direct line of the explosion was blown about 25 feet and demolished.

The ventilating fan was slightly unseated and stopped by the force of the explosion, but within a short time was again operating.

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