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Belgian Mine Explosives Detonation

Leadville, Lake County, Colorado
September 26, 1895
No. Killed - 6

Careless Miner Causes an Explosion in a Colorado Mine
Logansport Journal, Indiana
September 28, 1895

Leadville, Col., Sept. 28. -- Sixty-five pounds of giant powder exploded Thursday afternoon in the Belgian Mine in Adelaide Park, 5 miles from this city.  Ten miners were at work in the drifts at the time, and it is believed that a miner carrying the powder from one drift to another let it fall, and the explosion caused a cave-in, resulting in the instant death of six and the fatal injury of two more.  Help was sent from the city with the report of the explosion to hasten the work of rescue of the wounded and dead.

The only other who can tell how the explosion occurred was brought to the city Thursday night so badly injured that he cannot talk.  He is now at the hospital and will die.

The six bodies were brought to the morgue and were identified as follows:
  • Clark McGinnis
  • John Hamill
  • James B. Gray
  • Edward Kuhne
  • Chris Phillips
  • John Baggs

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