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Bednarczyk Coal Company
Bednarczyk No. 2, 3 Mine Explosion

Gowen City, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
February 3, 1964
No. Killed - 3

USBM Final Investigation Report  (1.6 Mb)  PDF Format

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A gas explosion occurred in the west slant off No. 3 chute, No. 4 level west gangway, No. 2 slope.  Three men perished immediately and one was injured seriously by the forces of the explosion.  The explosion occurred in this area due to ignition of an explosive mixture of methane and air, which accumulated due to inadequate ventilation.  The mixture was ignited by multiple blasting of three holes at the face of the back slant.

  • Victor Hynoski, 40s
  • Joseph A. Bednarczyk, 27
  • Leroy F. Bednarczyk, 22
  • William Shinski, 42

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