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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Virginia City Mine Explosion

Virginia City, Alabama
February 20, 1905
No. Killed - 112

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From Engineering and Mining Journal
(March 23, 1905, p. 597; March 30, p. 625; April 13, p. 741)

The State Mine Inspector has submitted his report to the Governor.

Every man who was at work at the time of the explosion lost his life.

The chief inspector expresses his belief that a windy shot was made by one of the miners in the 5th entry left, in which too much dynamite or powder was used.  This shot caused a dust explosion.  The damage to the mine was not serious.

The State Mine Inspector and his two assistants are making a close examination of all mines in the State, especially in regard to coal dust.

In the Flat Top mines, where 154 state convicts are worked, besides a large number of county convicts, they found that short fuses were being used and mining rules not strictly carried out.  Coal dust was reported, and the operators were instructed to sprinkle the mine and take out an accumulation of dust.

The mining laws of Alabama are to be enforced to the letter, and all indications point to some radical amendments.

The coroner's jury has returned a verdict, that the explosion was caused by a windy shot and that certain warnings had been given previously.  A number of damage suits have been filed.

Historical Summary of Mine Disasters in the United States - Volume I

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