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Mine Disasters in
the United States

W. P. Rend Coal and Coke Company
Rend No. 2 Mine Explosion

Herrin, Illinois
June 2, 1917
No. Killed 9

9 Killed, 2 Injured by Mine Explosion
Iowa City Citizen, Iowa June 4, 1917 Herrin, Ill., June 4. -- Nine dead and two injured were the definite toll, ascertained of a gas explosion at No. 2 mine of the W. P. Rend Coal and Coke Company north of here. The dead are: Ira Sanders, night boss Otis Reynolds Amos Mezo Guy Vickery Roy Weathers Charles Rice John Gossage I. S. Good Ezra Adams The injured at the hospital are: Tom Cox, dangerously burned. W. A. Brewer, dangerously burned. It is supposed that the workmen walked off into an abandoned workings where there was gas.  Little damage was done to the mine, which employs 600 men, and no fire followed the explosion.

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