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Mine Disasters in
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Parrish Coal Company
Parrish No. 9 Colliery Explosives Detonation

Plymouth, Pennsylvania
January 9, 1912
No. Killed - 6

Laborers were Timbering Shaft When Fatal Accident Happened
Evening Times, Cumberland, Maryland
January 11, 1912

Walkes-Barre, Pa., Jan. 11. -- Six men were killed and two probably fatally injured last night by an explosion of dynamite in the Parrish colliery at Plymouth, near here.

The dead are:
  • Elmer Jones
  • Paul Roshoski
  • August Carblis
  • Henry Miles
  • John Humphreys
  • Anthony Cohelis, all of Plymouth
Anthony Lukwitz and Edward Deynon were so badly burned that it is feared they cannot recover.

The men, all laborers, were engaged in timbering in No. 9 slope of the Parrish colliery, belonging to the Parrish Coal Company, when the explosion occurred.  The cause of the explosion is not known.

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