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O'Gara Mining Company
O'Gara No. 9 Mine Explosion

Harrisburg, Illinois
October 23, 1911
No. Killed - 8

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Eight are Killed in Illinois Mine
Daily Free Press, Carbondale, Illinois
October 24, 1911

Harrisburg, Ill., Oct. 24. -- Eight bodies have been taken from O'Gara Mine No. 9, in which terrific explosion trapped and killed the men.

Those taken out are:
  • Sam Barnaby
  • Frank Steckstor
  • Alf Bowen
  • George Edwards
  • Alf Kane
  • Chick Parks
  • George Austin
  • Ed Austin, his son
The explosion occurred at the north main entry and is supposed to have been caused from powder.  The air was so dense with gas and smoke that it was nearly impossible to get into the portion of the mine where the dead were.

Seven rescuers were brought out unconscious and in dangerous condition.  Among these was Dr. Charles A. Turner, a Harrisburg physician.

Another theory as to the cause of the explosion is that machine men in No. 9 mine bored into a room in mine No. 4, letting the gas enter.

Hundreds of men, women and children have been gathered at the entrance to the mine all day.

The explosion was of such force that the men in mines Nos. 3 and 4 felt the shock distinctly, and electric lights and dynamos there were destroyed.

The three mines are connected underground.  No. 9 is the largest of the O'Gara group of mines, which are owned in Chicago.

The position of the bodies, so far recovered, indicates death was from suffocation from after damp.  Each man had his face covered with shirts and other available clothing.

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