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Mine Disasters in the United States

Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company
Lance No. 11 Colliery Explosion

Plymouth, Pennsylvania
September 21, 1893
No. Killed 6

Additional Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company Disasters:

Terrible Fatal Explosion in a Mine
Boston Evening Transcript
September 21, 1893

By an explosion of gas in the Lance Colliery No. 11, of the Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company at Plymouth, Pa.

Thursday, five men were instantly killed and five others seriously injured.

The dead are:
  • David M. Jones, contractor
  • William Jones, rock miner
  • John Flanagan, mason
  • Owen P. Jones, miner
  • Joshua Golightly, assistant mine foreman
The injured are:
  • Owen L. Evans, arm dislocated
  • Thomas Williams, ribs broken
  • D. B. Davis, shoulder dislocated
  • John Cummings, leg broken
  • James Morgan, face cut and scalp wounds
The accident was caused by Joshua Golightly, who entered a body of gas with his naked lamp.

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