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Mine Disasters in
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R. Heckscher and Company
Kohinoor Colliery Explosion

Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
May 24, 1882
No. Killed - 5

Terrible Explosion Kills 5
Janesville Daily Gazette, Wisconsin
May 25, 1882

Shenandoah, Pa., May 24. -- A terrible explosion occurred this afternoon at R. Heckscher and Company's Kohinoor Colliery.  Five miners have been taken out dead.

Those killed include:
  • Martin and James Mulhall (father and son)
  • James McDonald, a door boy
  • John P. Stratt, a Polish laborer
  • Samuel Hugo, driver
Fatally injured:
  • John Lee, the fire boss
  • Matty Latentynnowicz, a Polander

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