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Mine Disasters in the United States

Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company
Knickerbocker Colliery Explosion

Shenandoah, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
August 2, 1908
No. Killed 2

Successful Rescue

A fall of top rock occurred following an explosion in the Knickerbocker Colliery near Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.  Two miners died, but John Kuza, William Suso and Charles Cowley were rescued.  The three men were seriously injured.

Miners Buried Alive; Three are Rescued
The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
August 3, 1908

Pottsville, Pa., Aug. 3. -- Two men were killed and three probably fatally injured in an explosion today at the Knickerbocker colliery of the Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company, about one mile east of Shenandoah.

The accident was caused by an inrush of gas in the gangway of the Buckmountain vein, which was ignited while the miners were blasting.

Three are Rescued

A fall of top rock occurred, burying Peter Dumbinsky, Jacob Keolick, John Kuza, William Suso and Charles Cowley.  The first two are still under the debris and are known to be dead, but their companions were rescued.  The three men were seriously injured.

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