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Independent Coal and Coke Company
Kennilworth Mine Explosion

Carbon, Utah
March 14, 1945
No. Killed - 7

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Coal Dust Blast Fatal to Three, Others Injured
Ogden Standard Examiner, Utah
March 15, 1945

Kenilworth, Utah, March 15 -- (AP) -- Explosion of coal dust in the Independent Coal and Coke Company mine claimed the lives of three miners and injured nine others.  Two of the men died of severe burns and other injuries today, the other succumbed last night.  Four others were in critical condition.

The dead:
  • Gilmer Nielsen, 34, Kenilworth, father of three children
  • Clem Hawks, 42, Kenilworth
  • Russel Jackson, 27, Kenilworth, father of three children
Nielsen died last night.

Most seriously injured are:
  • Richard Saprimond
  • Arthur Smith
  • David Bennett
  • Arthur Lermusiax, all under treatment in a hospital at Price
Five others received medical treatment.

The explosion occurred yesterday when the arc flash from a broken power line touched off the coal dust, Mine Superintendent George B. Jackson, said.

R. H. Dalrymple, state industrial commission member in charge of industrial safety, said L. C. Harvery of Price, chief of the coal mine inspection division, and other authorities were making a thorough investigation of the accident.

The flash ignited the clothing of 12 of the cutting crew of 16 men who were operating in the vicinity.

George B. Jackson, mine superintendent, said a safety precaution "rock dusting" prevented the spread of the flames.

The injured men were given first aid at the mouth of the tunnel by doctors from Helper and Price who were hastily summoned.

The blast occurred at 1:15 p.m. (MWT).

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