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Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
Kaska William Colliery Explosion

Kaska, Pennsylvania
February 21, 1923
No. Killed 5

See also:   Kaska William Colliery Hoisting Disaster, May 9, 1889
Kaska William Colliery Explosion, May 26, 1898

Explosion of Gas is Fatal to Four Workers
Titusville Herald, Pennsylvania
February 22, 1923

Pottsville, Feb. 21. (AP) -- Four men were killed and three badly burned by an explosion of gas at the Kaska William Colliery operated by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company east of this city today.

There were but seven men in the tunnel at the time.  Four met instant death, one is not expected to recover, while the other two are in a serious condition.  The explosion occurred in a rock tunnel not directly connected with the mine where scores of coal miners were employed.

The dead are:
  • Victor Lessau, New Philadelphia
  • Marvin Collier, Tuscarora
  • Michael Broatas, New Philadelphia
  • Anthony Yakabonis, Port Carbon
Anthony Balzner of New Philadelphia was so badly burned that he is not expected to recover.

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