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Johnston City Mine Explosives Detonation

Johnston City, Illinois
January 29, 1907
No. Killed 7

Five Dead at Johnston City
Daily Free Press, Carbondale, Illinois
January 30, 1907

Johnston City, Illinois -- The accident at the Johnston City and Big Muddy mine at Johnston City proves to have been even more serious than the brief account in last night's Free Press indicated.  Five men are already dead and there are others whom it is thought cannot live.

Nearly a score were injured in the explosion, an explosion of thirty-five kegs of giant powder which were being removed from a car in which they had been lowered to the bottom of the mine.

The dead are as follows:
  • Romulus Fehrenbaker, aged 19; killed instantly
  • Ted Davis, aged 25; lived three hours
  • Frank Meagher; lived two hours
  • Felix Toner, aged 21; died at 7 p.m.
  • Martin Lawnrey, aged 27; lived twelve hours
Of the men injured, George Patterson was reported to be in a dying condition today, and four others so seriously injured that their recovery is considered doubtful.

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