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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Henry Brothers Coal and Coke Company
Echo Mine Explosion

Buery, West Virginia
March 31, 1909
No Killed 6

Four Killed in Mine Explosion
La Crosse Tribune, Wisconsin
April 1, 1909

Charleston, W. Va., April 1. -- Four men were killed and two others seriously injured in an explosion in the Echo mine of the Henry Brothers Coal and Coke Company, at Henry, Fayette County, last evening.

  • George D. Lynch and his son
The dead:
  • Sam Melhorn
  • Andy Melhorn
  • Charles Jones
  • John Broomfield
Only from 12 to 15 men were in the mine at the time of the explosion which only affected a single entry, allowing those in other sections to escape unharmed.

The explosion is believed to have been caused by gas coming from an abandoned part.

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