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Mine Disasters in the United States

G. H. Potts and Company
Diamond Slope Colliery
Exploding Vessel Disaster

Wolf Creek, Pennsylvania
April 22, 1870
No. Killed 5

From the 1870 Anthracite Annual Report on Mining Activities

G. H. Potts & Company's Diamond Slope colliery is situated near Minersville, in Wolf Creek, and is now 37 years in operation.  This visit was occasioned by the disaster which originated by the explosion of a boiler at the breaker on the morning of the 22nd April, which resulted in the death of John Kelly (boy), William Keoch, Richard Hennesy (boy), John H, Koelle (boy), and M. Gavau 5 persons.

Injured were John Combs, John Sheaffer, Christian Weaver, Thomas Campbell, Jacob Friler, Jacob Mouey, Bernard Mohan, Alexander Leybach, and John Sheaffer 5 boys and 4 men.

This fatal occurrence was supposed to be occasioned by a scarcity of water in the boilers and an incompetent engineer.  The statements of witnesses and verdict of the coroner's jury in the above case are on file in the office of the district clerk.

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