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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Victor-American Fuel Company
Delagua No. 3 Mine Explosion

Delagua, Colorado
May 27, 1927
No. Killed 7

Mine Explosion Fatal to Six
Winslow Daily Mail, Arizona
May 28, 1927

Trinidad, Colo., May 27 (AP) -- Six men are dead and one man is seriously injured as the result of an explosion in the No. 3 mine of the Victor-American Fuel Company at Delagua, Colo., 18 miles northwest of here this afternoon.

The dead:
  • George Casa, 28
  • August Castagna, 24
  • Charles Deluca, 21
  • Eli Martinez, age unknown
  • John Dolores, age unknown
  • William Cowsill, 45
One hundred and thirty two men were in the mine at the time of the blast and all with the exception of the dead and one injured man reached the surface safely through air shafts.  John Walker, 62, was seriously injured and was brought out of the mine four hours after the explosion.

A dust explosion is believed to have caused the blast which wrecked the entrance of the mine.

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