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Mine Disasters in
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Crucible Fuels Company
Crucible Mine Roof Fall

Greene, Pennsylvania
March 12, 1945
No. Killed - 5

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Four Miners are Killed at Waynesburg
Clearfield Progress, Pennsylvania
March 13, 1945

Waynesburg, Pa., Mar. 13 -- (AP) -- Four coal miners were killed and rescue crews fought hundreds of tons of debris today to seek a fifth workman after the collapse of a section of the Crucible Fuels Company mine along the Monongahela River, 17 miles east of here.

The victims were:
  • Mike Gragish, of Crucible, rodman
  • Martin Spollar, 55, of Chestnut Ridge, Fayette County, timberman
  • Edward H. Johnson, 28, of Chestnut Ridge, timberman
  • Grover Johnson, 55, of Chestnut Ridge, timberman and father of Edward
Still missing was Robert B. Matthews, 47, bratticeman, of Rices Landing.

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