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Mine Disasters in
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Central Coal and Iron Company
Central Mine Explosion

Central City, Kentucky
January 19, 1912
No. Killed – 5

Explosion Kills 5 Miners in Kentucky Coal Shaft
Indianapolis Star, Indiana
January 18, 1912

Central City, Ky., Jan. 17. -- Four persons are known to have been killed and another is believed to be dead as a result of an explosion in a mine of the Central City Coal and Iron Company, about 5 o'clock this afternoon.  Four bodies have been removed.  The explosion occurred just after the day men had come out.  The cause is unknown.  The mine is not badly damaged.

Two hundred men usually are at work in the mine, but the explosion came soon after the day's shift had come out and before the night men had gone down.  The five victims were doing extra work.  Assistant State Mine Inspector H.D. Jones is on the ground.

Three of the men whose bodies were recovered were Ira Allen, William Moss and Eric Lundquist.

The Central Coal and Iron Company’s workings is one of the properties recently consolidated with sixteen others in Kentucky by the Dupont interests.

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