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Mine Disasters in the United States

New River Coal Company
Carlisle Mine Explosion

Carlisle, West Virginia
February, 6, 1915
No. Killed - 21

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Successful Rescue

Twenty-one men were killed and four were rescued soon after the explosion by parties led by company officials.  One of the rescued men, suffering from burns, was sent to a hospital.  Source documentExternal Link

Twenty Miners Die in Explosion
Logansport Journal-Tribune, Indiana
February 7, 1915

Fayetteville, W. Va., Feb. 6 -- Twenty miners were killed and 169 escaped death in an explosion in the Carlisle mine of the New River Coal Company today.  That so many men escaped after being entombed was due to the fact that cage and shaft were not damaged.  While many were brought out by the cage, some managed to climb out through the air shafts.  Four men were rescued by searching parties who penetrated the mine soon after the explosion which is believed to have been due to the ignition of a pocket of gas from a miner's lamp.  One of the rescued men, suffering from burns, was sent to a hospital.

Six bodies were found by the searchers near where the explosion occurred.  The names of the dead have not been ascertained.  It is reported the interior of the mine was damaged only slightly and that operations can be resumed within a few days.

A more extended search of the mine late today, after the clearing away of debris, led to the finding of 14 more bodies.  All had been killed by the afterdamp, while at work.

State mine inspectors, who took charge of the mine, learned that 180 men had gone into the workings this morning.

All of the victims were of foreign birth or negroes.

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