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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Bull Domingo Gold Mine Explosion

Silver Cliff, Colorado
November 13, 1885
No. Killed 10

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The Silver Cliff Disaster
Biddeford Daily Journal, Maine
November 23, 1885

Silver Cliff, Col., Nov. 21. -- The coroner's investigation into the cause of the Bull Domingo mine explosion reported.  The search for the direct cause was thorough, though strenuous efforts were made to excuse the company and superintendent.

The jury found "that the deceased came to their deaths by reason of the criminal negligence of H. W. Foss, superintendent of the mine, in failing to find means for the prevention of said fire, and criminal negligence of said Foss in failing to provide means of exit from the mine."  Foss was arrested and held in $2,000 bail.

Names of the Fatalities:
  • H. Westfall
  • William Strong, married, family
  • Elmer Heister
  • William Patten, married, family
  • Napoleon Degrosslier, married, family
  • John Lobby
  • George Smith, married, family
  • Simon Baptista
  • B. Baptista, married, family
  • Conn Nourse

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