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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Raton Coal and Coke Company
Blossburg No. 3 Mine Explosives Detonation

Blossburg, New Mexico
June 19, 1903
No. Killed 5

Five Men Killed by an Explosion
Salt Lake Tribune, Utah
June 21, 1903

Raton, N. M., June 20. -- Five men were killed by an explosion which completely wrecked mine No. 3 of the Raton Coal and Coke Company at Blossburg, New Mexico.

The dead:
  • Joe Fresnic
  • Tony Nation
  • Jack Stolm
  • Tom Poiser
  • Alfonso Denne
The injured:
  • Jack Bell, fire boss, was badly burned
  • Harry Mussel, had several ribs broken
The explosion is believed to have been caused by a windy shot.  The mine was inspected less than two weeks ago.

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