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Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Company
Belva. No. 1 Mine Explosion

Four Mile, Kentucky
December 26, 1945
No. Killed - 24

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35 to 50 Miners Trapped Behind Explosion at Ky. Straight Creek Mine at Four Mile
Middlesboro Daily News, Kentucky
December 26, 1945

Between thirty-five and fifty miners of the Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Company are trapped in an explosion at the Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Company at Four Mile, of which W. E. Lewis is owner.

Five rescue crews have worked their way back about twelve hundred feet.  The site of the explosion is about two miles underground.

Smoke first emerged from the mine between 8 and 8:30 this morning.  It is unknown whether the explosion was caused by dust or gas.  Miners had gone in at 7 o'clock.

There are a hundred and fifty miners employed in this particular mine which is one of several operated by the company at Four Mile.

Nath Center, foreman of this operation, is among the men trapped.

Pineville police and State Highway patrolmen are at the scene.  Rescue crews are from Kettle Island, Black Star, Three Point and two from the Straight Creek Mine.

Other rescue crews are said to be en route.

The Red Cross has been notified.

Hot coffee is being served to those who are awaiting news at the drift mouth, which has been roped off.

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