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Mining Poetry by Joel Tankersley


Conner McClucky, a Canadian stiff,
gifted with hooch, women and drift.
He went to Iran, for water diversion
for five years put aside, his beloved aversion.

And when he came back,
to Alberta way.
Piss loaded of change,
he did swagger and sway.

His savings like water,
in six months it was gone.
He spent it all,
on wine, women and song.

Oh, he did sigh,
the ever good timer.
Rustled up work,
on an Alamak raise climber.

The headache he had,
was eventually gone,
after five years of Muslum drought,
of wine women and song.

So let this be a lesson,
if Iran is your thinking,
Conner should've left out,
his horrible singing.

Copyright Joel Tankersley

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