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Mining Poetry by Joel Tankersley

Fear Not

Have you ever stood in silent forest,
and heard the timber crack.
Brushed along the hillside,
with a mountain lion track.

Have you felt so alone and low,
within your eyes a tear.
The pressure of the untamed tide,
then you have you tasted fear?

Have you seen the things unseen,
with the power of the mind.
To one it is pure torture,
to another it is kind.

One will have the smell of death,
or just a simple hand of fate.
One will understand,
while another can't relate.

Have you felt the feel
of underlying dread.
The weight upon your chest,
has left you now for dead.

The worry of what you can't control,
is just ripping at your soul.
Left you spinning like a top
round or bound upon a pole.

If you ever have felt this way
and with it's message dim.
My friend it is much worse for me,
for it is very grim.

I know it is now useless,
my psyche is so scarred.
I just let the cat out,
with a skunk out in the yard.

Copyright Joel Tankersley

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