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Mining Poetry by Joel Tankersley

Brokeback Mountain, the Movie

Way out in the west,
where the sun slowly sinks
The rough and the ready,
call out for drinks.

Where your neighbor is true blue
and this may sound sort of cuddly.
Hollywood's new twist
on the term "saddle buddy."

It seems everyone’s gay
and that’s all the rage
testosterone penned up
in a Big R stock cage.

Brokeback mountain,
where the men are all lovers
who would have guessed
what was under those covers.

The spring time calf'n,
the high summer range.
Fall round up,
winter camp strange.

It's all ablaze now,
up every tight canyon
Don't dare deny,
that it doesn't happen.

Just yearning to breathe,
a closet success.
Sheep need not apply,
in this part of the west.

Copyright Joel Tankersley

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