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Mining Poetry by Joel Tankersley

Bail me out too!

All alone on an empty street,
a vagabond I once did meet.

I saw he was from another time,
he said, "brother can you spare a dime?"

"I was once a King of Finance, I owned a well known bank.
Pillar of society until it went in the tank."

He said "I was once the Wizard of Wall Street I owned a money store
I worked hard the game and loaned to all who walked the floor."

A half a dozen boards, my name was found upon.
Alas that all has ended and all of that has gone."

I stood there and heard the bum, and the achievements allocades
The power driven genius, the world choices he had made.

I listened with compassion, his world that came to pass.
The winding tale told, rolled to the very last.

I said, I'm a tired miner, deaths danger is at the call
I've dug ore around the nation and I squandered all.

I spent my last dollar on some drunken wore out whore.
and you sort of look familiar, have we met before?

2008 Joel Tankersley

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