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Poland Rescuer Deaths During Recovery Operations

Source: Proceedings of the 7th International Mine Ventilation Congress

Problems in Conducting Rescue Operations Under Difficult Microclimate Conditions
By Z. Kajdasz and A. Plata
Central Mines Rescue Station
Bytom, Poland

Jowisz Mine
1 rescuers died from heat-stroke.

Katowice Mine
3 rescuers died from heat-stroke.

Lagiewniki Mine
3 rescuers died from heat-stroke.

Pawel Mine
2 rescuers died from heat-stroke.

Dimitrow Mine
1 rescuer died from heat-stroke.

Myslowice Mine
During the operation connected with containing the fire-field in the Myslowice Mine, the hot air blown out during the penetration of a system of excavations by rescuers, all of them suffered heat-stroke and died.

Modrzejow Mine
Rescuers who entered the abandoned working as well as those running the rescue operation in the Modrzejow Mine died.

February 24, 1998
Niwka-Modrzejow Mine
Six miners with damaged oxygen masks died of asphyxiation after being sent into a shuttered shaft in violation of security regulations at the Niwka-Modrzejow mine in the Silesian town of Sosnowiec.