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Mine Disasters in the United States

Mining Music

America's Mine Rescue Teams
Written by Mel Shaw for America's Coal Miners' CD
Copyright 2003 Fransuda Music Publishers. All rights reserved.

Safety . . . one word that means all is well . . .
Rescue call . . . two words that mean . . someone is in danger
Mine Rescue Team . . three words that mean life is precious to another
And there are unified hearts
dedicated to helping those who have fallen

A Mine Rescue Team exists with a mission
to insure that co-workers know
there are others who are concerned for their safety . . .

When they are called to action . . they respond.
When they are needed they stand . . .
When someone is down . . . they reach out a hand . . .

A Mine Rescue Team
is dedicated to the welfare of
those they may not even know
but feel as close to as family
Their motto . . . first ones in . . . last ones out

And for those who find their lives in peril . .
knowing there is a Mine Rescue Team
gives them hope to conquer their fears
creating an inner sense of not being alone . .

A feeling within their own personal faith
that in their hearts they believe
that no matter the danger
they will not be left on their own . . .

A Mine Rescue Team
is dedicated to helping their fellow man . . .
and they live by that creed

They maintain a strong commitment
to be counted on in a time of need . . .

They share a bond of strength
forged by the willpower of those
willing to answer the call
no matter when . . . no matter who . . .

There is an unending faith in the unity
of the family of co-workers . .
They share the belief
that every life is important . . .
and they know this to be true

A Mine Rescue Team that is never called upon
is as equally valued as one that is called . . .
for there is no difference in the resolve,
integrity and spirit of each team member

Mine Rescue Team...
Three words . . . that mean
"unified hearts dedicated to the safe return
of someone who has fallen "
And to the fallen it means two words . . .
Forever grateful . . .
First ones in . . . last ones out.

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