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I am a Miner
By Holy Water and Whiskey

From their CD titled Miners, Outlaws and Other Relatives

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I am a miner, I'm a hard rock miner,
To the shaft house I must go.
On the cage boy, double cage boy,
Down to work, near a mile below.

Fourteen men, hold on for you life boy,
Top man rings, down you go.
Fourteen men fall thru the darkness,
I hope that hoist man will bring us slow.


And it feels like I'm dyin',
Minin' for gold.
It feels like I'm dyin',
Minin' for gold.

To the station comes the shift boss,
Come to tell you, drill her out on time.
Six hundred pounds the drill and the column,
Set that drill right on the line.

Chorus. Break.

He is my miner, my hard rock miner
To the shaft house I watch him go.
Digging gold for rings and baubles,
Worn by women that we don't know.

He gets two dollars for ten hours,
Seems like a lifetime, I miss him so.


And it feels like he's dyin',
Minin' for gold.
It feels like he's dyin',
Minin' for gold.

Then a noise like thunder fills the darkness,
Dust and the darkness, they fill the hole.
On your clothes boy, in your eyes boy,
In your lungs, in your soul.


Wasn't long, I was a young man,
Days go by, dust takes itís toll.
I am a miner, (He is my miner), Iím a hard rock miner, (my hard rock miner),
To the shaft house, I watch him go.

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