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Successful Mine Rescues
Miners and others rescued after being trapped underground

Downloads available in MS Word formatComplete chronological lists in MS Word format of ALL the successful rescues and incidents of rescuer death in the United States that have been identified and compiled by the USMRA can be downloaded below ↓ or from any of the pages found at the Calendar of Mine Disasters.  These files are the copyrighted property of the United States Mine Rescue Association.


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Microsoft Word Format Successful Mine Rescues
Listed in descending chronological order, this file contains hundreds of successful rescues in the United States.
Incidents of Rescuer Death
Listed in descending chronological order, this file contains more than 100 incidents of rescuer death in the United States.

Chile Chile
Mar 2013 A Chilean miner (Mario Torres Lopez) has been brought to the surface after spending 52 hours trapped 100m underground in the collapsed Victoria Mine in the northern Atacama region.  Rescue teams found out he was alive when he used a hammer to bang on metal tubes running through the shaft to communicate with them.   More
Oct 2010 On August 5, 2010, a major collapse was experienced in the San Jose Copper Mine near Copiapo, Chile leaving 33 miners trapped 2,300 feet from the surface.  For the next 69 days, working around the clock, rescuers worked feverishly to get them out safety.  On October 13th, all 33 of the miners were pulled from the mine in a rescue capsule designed and built by the Chilean Navy.  This rescue came following the longest period of entrapment on record.

Germany Germany
In May 1955, three miners were trapped when a shaft collapsed in the Dahlbusch colliery in the western German city of Gelsenkirchen.  The men were able to receive food and water from above, but couldn't be rescued as there was no suitable device.  One of the engineers working at the mine, Eberhard Au, designed a cigar-shaped capsule made out of steel sheet.  The capsule was then lowered down a specially-drilled escape shaft.  The miners stood in the capsule with their hands above their heads as if about to dive into water.

After its first successful assignment, the capsule went on to rescue trapped miners in 1956 and 1957.  But it was in 1963 that the capsule received worldwide fame.  It was the center-piece of a rescue operation at the Mathilde iron mine in the northern German town of Lengede when 11 miners were rescued.  Collieries around the world copied the design.  Today there are three or four "Dahlbusch Bombs" in Germany.  (Author: Gesche Brock)  [Additional information from Wikipedia]

Dahlbusch Bomb Photo 1 Dahlbusch Bomb Photo 2
Dahlbusch Bomb Photo 3 Dahlbusch Bomb Photo 4
Jun 1988 On June 4, 1988, six miners were found alive in an air pocket after being trapped more than 2 days following an explosion in the Preussen Electra coal mine in Borken, Germany.

Mine management was heavily criticized by the families and the media for ignoring the trapped men after making radio contact with them a few hours after the initial blast.

Owners of the mine acknowledged that a radio operator had contacted a group of missing miners, stating that officials believed at the time that the radio operator may have been speaking with a rescue team.  Further contact with them was broken off to search for more survivors.  Source documentExternal Link
Jan 1964 Seven injured miners were rescued from an unnamed mine near Bonn, West Germany.  The miners were trapped 41 hours by a roof fall 1,800 feet underground, sustained by food passed through a pipeline which was undamaged by the fall.  Source documentExternal Link
Nov 1963 Broistedt, Germany — Eleven men were rescued from the flooded Mathilde iron mine, two weeks after they were entombed and given up for dead.  A huge drilling rig broke through early Thursday to the gallery 183 feet below the surface where they had taken refuge when disaster struck October 24.  They were hoisted to the surface in a rescue capsule one-by-one in a predetermined order.  Thursday's rescue brought the total saved to 100.  The remaining 29 miners were given up for dead.  Source document External Link and Vintage Video
Feb 1946 550 miners were trapped in the Monopol-Grimberg Coal Mine explosion in Unna, near Dortmund, Germany.  70 miners were brought to the surface after an undisclosed period, of which 11 were dead.  See Vintage Video

Peru Peru
Apr 2012 Nine Peruvian miners emerged into the daylight Wednesday morning (4/11/12) after 6 days trapped in a collapsed mine.  For days, a tube snaked down to the collapsed cavern was the only connection the miners had to the surface.  It provided them with oxygen, food and water, as well as communication.  The miners had been stuck since Thursday (4/5/12) in the wildcat Cabeza de Negro mine in southern Peru.  More

England England
Dec 1983 Sherwood miners Peter Watts, Ian Johnson and Peter Williams feared they faced certain death after a tunnel came crashing in on December 15th, 1983, leaving their only way out blocked by hundreds of tonnes of rock and rubble. Around 70 rescue workers spent for more than eight hours to free the stranded trio, who were eventually brought to the surface uninjured.

Tanzania Tanzania
Nov 2015 Five miners were miraculously found alive on November 16th, after being buried for over 40 days following a collapse at a mine site in Tanzania’s Lake zone region of Shinyanga.  The mine pit collapsed on October 5th.  There was one confirmed death.  See more.

Scotland Scotland
Sep 1950 116 miners were rescued after their 3 day entrapment following a cave-in at the Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery at New Cumnock in Ayrshire.  Twelve miners died in the disaster.  The rescued miners, tired and worn, wore gas masks and respirators to make their way through a barrier of toxic mine gases on their way to the surface.  Source document.  See more.
Oct 1923 Out of the jaws of death, 5 of the entombed miners in a Falkirk, Scotland mine disaster were rescued after being 9 days underground.  See Vintage Video.

Australia Australia
Dec 2007 All 27 miners trapped after a gold mine shaft collapsed near the central Victorian city of Ballarat have been rescued.  A crane was used to bring the men out through a ventilation shaft.  There were no injuries.  More
May 2006 Two miners rescued after being trapped for 14 days following a collapse at the Beaconsfield mine in Tasmania.  One miner was killed.  More
Jan 2006 Three miners who were feared trapped in the burning Avebury nickel mine owned by Allegiance Mining in Tasmania, Australia were rescued.  More
Jan 1957 A two year old boy named Graham is rescued from a bore hole in Mandurah, Australia after being trapped for 24 hours thanks to the effort of miners.  See vintage video.  Source documentExternal Link
Oct 1912 Fifty some men were rescued from the mine after their entrapment of more than 4 days.  Firemen descended to the trapped men and brought them all to the 700ft level.  From here, they were brought up in small groups to the surface through a maze of tunnels, chain ladders, makeshift platforms and ropes.  See video.  Source document.

Canada Canada
May 2015 After being trapped for nearly 18 hours, nine miners were rescued following a collapse at a gold mine in the Abitibi region of Quebec.  The miners became trapped around 3:30 a.m. (ET) on May 26th in the Westwood Mine in Preissac, after a collapse that appears to have been caused by seismic activity.  More
Jan 2006 Seventy-two Canadian miners rescued after 24 hours trapped in a Saskatchewan potash mine where a fire occurred blocking their escape.  More
Feb 1965 Einar Myllyla, entombed by an avalanche for 79 hours at the site of the Granduc mining camp near Stewart, British Columbia was pulled out alive from the mountain of snow.  Source documentExternal Link
Oct 1958 The 1958 Bump which occurred near the town of Springhill in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia on October 23, 1958 was the most severe "bump" (underground earthquake) in North American mining history.  After five and a half days (placing it around the morning of Wednesday, October 29) contact was established with a group of 12 survivors on the other side of a 160-foot (49 m) rockfall.  A rescue tunnel was dug and broke through to the trapped miners at 2:25 am on Thursday, October 30 (6 days).  On Saturday, November 1, an additional group of survivors was found (8 days); however, there would be no more in the following days.  Of the 174 miners in No. 2 colliery at the time of the bump, 74 were killed and 100 trapped but eventually rescued.  Source documentExternal Link
Apr 1936 Two were rescued from the Moose River Gold Mine in Nova Scotia, Canada after being trapped for 10 days.  Dr. D. E. Robertson and Charles Alfred Scadding were removed from ten day's living death in an underground tomb while toil hardened miners chanted the Doxology.  Source documentExternal Link

France France
Oct 1964 Nine miners were brought to the surface in a rescue capsule after their 8-day entrapment in a limestone mine near Champagnole, France.  See vintage video  Source documentExternal Link
Apr 1906 August E. Burton was found alive in a mine near Lons, France after being imprisoned for 25 days.  It was said that he suffered less than other miners recently rescued in the same mine.  Source documentExternal Link

Poland Poland
Mar 2006 A Polish coal miner trapped more than a kilometre underground for 111 hours was brought to the surface alive and well Monday after rescuers freed him from under tons of rubble in the Halemba mine in Ruda Slaska, southern Poland.  More  Source documentExternal Link

Japan Japan
Mar 1972 Wataru Kuratani, one of six miners trapped after a cave-in at a mine near Sapporo, Japan, was rescued after 77 hours.  Source documentExternal Link
Feb 1960 A rescue party found one miner alive 47 hours after seven miners were trapped at the Nomiyama Colliery in Kyushu, Japan.  The seven miners were caught by underground water, which flooded the mine.  Source documentExternal Link

China   China
For more about China mining, visit our China Mine Disaster Watch pages for information taken from news articles about mining disasters that have occurred there since January 2004.
May 2017 Five trapped miners were lifted from the Dongyu Coal Mine at 10:20 p.m. May 23, twenty-three hours after a flooding in northwest China's Shanxi Province.  Six died in the accident.  More
Apr 2017 Six trapped miners were lifted from the Bandingliangta Coal Mine on the morning of April 22nd, three days after a flooding in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.  The miners were conscious and in stable condition when they were rescued at 9:59 a.m.  More
Jul 2016 Eight miners who had been trapped in the flooded Zhongcun Coal Mine in north China's Shanxi Province for more than five days were lifted up from the pit early on July 8th.  More
  A trapped miner was found alive and rescued four days after a fire broke out underground at an illegal mine in Benxi, Liaoning Province.  Nine people on the missing list were found dead.  More
Jan 2016 Rescuers using infrared cameras to peer into darkness at a wrecked Yurong Gypsum Mine in Shandong province, eastern China on December 30th found four surviving miners who had been trapped for five days after a collapse so violent it registered as a seismic event.

On Friday night, January 29, 2016, after 36 days, these four miners were finally pulled to the surface.  Rescuers lowered a cable to the miners at the collapsed gypsum mine in eastern China's Pingyi County and, after the miners attached themselves to a harness, used it to pull them out one by one.  More
Jul 2015 All 11 miners trapped in an unnamed undergound stannum (tin) mine cave-in in southwest China's Yunnan Province were brought to safety after 40 hours of rescue.  The trapped miners were brought out on stretchers through a tunnel excavated during the rescue.  More
  Seven days after the Xuxiang Colliery in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province became flooded, six of 15 miners were brought to safety.  Previously, the bodies of 4 miners were recovered.  Five miners remain unaccounted for.  More
Nov 2013 The last person buried in a landslide at the Shengkai Coal Mine was found alive.  The rescue came after the miner was buried for more than 87 hours.  The company's four excavators and construction vehicles carrying 11 people were buried when the slide occurred.  Nine were killed in the accident.  More
Oct 2013 Two Chinese miners were rescued after being trapped 10 days underground by a flood at the state-owned Zhengsheng coal mine.  Twelve miners were trapped in the accident.  Ten miners died in this accident.  More
Apr 2013 Three miners trapped in the flooded Yunda Coal Mine for nearly 60 hours were rescued early Monday (4/8) in southwest China's Guizhou Province.  More
Dec 2012 Four miners who were trapped for 5 days in the flooded Furuixiang Coal Mine were rescued on December 7th.  More
Aug 2012 Following a roof fall accident, fifteen miners were rescued from the Ruifeng Coal Mine on August 18th after an entrapment period of approximately 2 days.  More
  Four miners were rescued from the flooded Ji'anda Coal Mine in Shanxi Province following a two day entrapment.  Eight others died in the incident.  More
  Seven miners who were trapped for forty-two hours after the roof of the Nuanquan Coal Mine collapsed in North China's Shanxi province were rescued.  More
Jul 2012 Fifty-three rescuers were freed after becoming trapped while trying to save five coal miners stuck underground following a roof fall in the Anlilai Coal Mine in Guizhou Province.  As they tried to enter the mine, the tunnel collapsed a second time and trapped the rescuers.  The 53 were trapped for less than a day and were brought out through a freshly-dug tunnel.  The original 5 trapped miners were rescued after an entrapment period of 96 hours.  More
May 2012 One miner was found alive after being trapped for 17 days following an inundation of water at the Junyuan No. 2 Coal Mine.  At least ten miners were killed in the accident.  More
Nov 2011 Forty-five miners trapped underground more than 36 hours after a rock blast in the Qianqiu Coal Mine were brought to the surface on Nov. 5th in a rare successful rescue.  More
Sep 2011 Four miners were rescued after being trapped for over 31 hours in a flooded mine pit in northwest China's Heilongjiang Province.  More
Aug 2011 Three of 26 miners from an illegally operating flooded mine in Heilongjiang province that were trapped for more than 4 days were rescued; the body of a deceased miner was retrieved the next day.  More

Nineteen of the trapped miners in a flooded mine in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province were rescued early Tuesday morning, bringing the total number of rescued miners to 22.  The 19 miners were trapped in the highest position in the mine, and survived on dripping water underground in the past 165 hours, rescuers said.  More
Jul 2011 Two workers were pulled out alive more than 180 hours after they got trapped in a collapsed coal mine in China's southwest Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, rescuers said today.  The two were among 18 miners trapped after the mine operated by Guangxi Heshan Coal Mining Company collapsed midday on July 2 after days of heavy rain.  More
Nov 2010 Rescuers on Monday pulled to safety 29 people trapped in the flooded Batian Coal Mine in southwestern China, about 24 hours after they were stranded in the pit.  22 of those rescued were miners, while the other seven were people sent down after the accident in an initial rescue bid who also became trapped.  More
Jul 2010 Eight miners who had been trapped in the flooded Shengping coal mine of north China's Shanxi Province were saved early Friday, July 2nd after being trapped for 35 hours.  More
  Seven miners trapped for almost 80 hours in the flooded Laolongdong Coal Mine were rescued Thursday, July 29th.  Rescuers spent 2 days pumping water out of the mine before they could save the miners.  More
Jun 2010 June 6 — Six workers were rescued on June 6 at about 11:30 p.m. from the flooded Jiaonan Coal Mine after being trapped underground for 3 days.

June 14 — Wang Daoguang, 42, had been trapped underground for 262 hours before he was lifted out of the pit at Jiaonan Coal Mine in Jincheng city at 3:39 a.m. Monday.  More
Apr 2010 April 4 — Nine workers have been rescued alive from a Chinese coal mine, after more than 179 hours trapped in the flooded Wangjialing Coal Mine.

April 5 — Rescuers pulled out 115 miners alive from the flooded Wangjialing Coal Mine in northern China's Shanxi province Monday after the men had spent nearly 8 days underground.  More
  Five miners trapped in the flooded Shundagaofeng iron ore mine in central China's Hunan province were rescued.  Three were pulled out alive at 9:30 a.m. Saturday (4/10) morning after 47 hours.  Two were saved Thursday.  More
Mar 2010 Two miners were found alive after being trapped for 8 days in the flooded Shunda iron ore mine in central China's Henan Province.  They were pulled out alive at 9:20 a.m. after being trapped underground for 201 hours.  More
Oct 2009 Three coal mine workers were rescued after being trapped underground for more than 8 days in the Northwest Shaanxi province.  Rescuers pulled up the three men to the ground from the pit of a coal mine in Shenmu County at about 3:30 am.  More
Jul 2009 Three men, who had been trapped in a flooded mine in Guizhou Province for 25 days, were rescued on July 12, 2009.  The Xinqiao Coal Mine in Qinglong County was flooded on June 17 when 16 miners were working underground.  More
Jun 2009 All seven trapped workers in the Yongjin Gold Mine in Tianzhu County of Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture of Miao and Dong Nationalities were saved after a 20-hour rescue effort.  More
Nov 2008 Four miners were rescued after being trapped for about 80 hours after a roof collapsed at the Hantan Tungsten Mine in east China's Jiangxi Province.  More
  Rescuers pulled 32 of the 34 trapped miners out of the flooded Gaomendong Coal Mine in central China's Henan Province, almost 23 hours after the accident occurred.  More
Aug 2008 Two miners who had been trapped underground for over 50 hours following an iron ore mine cave-in in east China's Anhui province were brought out safely.  Both of them were not seriously injured.  More
  Eight of the nine workers trapped for a week in a collapsed coal mine in Shaanxi province in northwest China have come out alive.  The eight miners appeared August 5th at the entrance to the mine that collapsed on July 31st but it wasn't immediately known how they managed to escape or survive for a week, the report said.  They were hospitalized and listed in stable condition.  More
Dec 2007 Two were trapped for more than 30 hours before they were rescued following a coal mine flood in north China's coal-rich Shanxi Province.  43 others managed to escape.  More
  Rescuers found Sheng Shouyan, 48, about 5 am on December 17th at Qunfa Coal Mine in Shangrao County, Jiangxi Province some 113 hours after water flooded the mine and trapped four workers on Dec. 12.  More
  Six miners were rescued after being trapped for 110 hours after a cave-in at the Yangchong Iron Mine in Fanchang County, of Wuhu City, Anhui Province.  Search for another miner continued.  More
  11 miners trapped for 129 hours in an iron pit roof collapse in north China's Hebei Province were rescued.  No injuries were reported.  More
Oct 2007 A miner was rescued on October 31 from a flooded coal mine in Jiangxi Province after being trapped inside for 83 hours. The 45-year-old miner, Huang Guigen, was not in a critical condition, and he could walk and speak in a stong voice.  More
Aug 2007 Meng Xianchen and his brother Meng Xianyou were trapped for 5 days after a cave-in accident in an illegal private mine at the Jinjitai village in Fangshan district of southwestern Beijing. 4 days after rescue work ended, the miners managed to break through the debris and climb out of the shaft.  More
  The 14 miners who were trapped for more than a day in a flooded colliery in east China's Jiangxi Province were rescued.  Each of the workers, weak and blindfolded, was carried by two rescuers up to the ground.  Some of them were still able to speak despite being starved for more than 30 hours.  More
Jul 2007 The Zhijian mine in China's central Henan province flooded on Sunday morning with 102 workers underground.  Thirty-three miners escaped but the other 69 were trapped in a section of 600 metres of tunnels that were submerged.  All 69 miners were pulled from the mine 3 days later on August 1st.  More
  Sixteen people trapped for hours in a Chinese coal mine by poisonous gas escaped unhurt, but four of their colleagues remained trapped underground, unable to get to the surface.  More
Nov 2006 All the 16 coal miners who were trapped after a Wednesday landslide in northwest China's Gansu Province at the Deshun Coal Mine were rescued after 14 hours late Wednesday night.  More
Oct 2006 Eight Chinese coal miners who were trapped when a tunnel collapsed were rescued early October 12 after 40 hours underground.  The miners were trapped October 10 when the ceiling collapsed in the Xieqiao Coal Mine in Fuyang, a city in the eastern province of Anhui.  They were weak but in good condition following their rescue.  One rescued miner said he ate nothing while he was trapped and drank water leaking from the tunnel ceiling.  More
Jun 2006 The remaining three of a group of five miners trapped in a cave-in at a Heilongjiang Province coal mine were rescued after being trapped for more than 60 hours.  The accident occurred at the Xing'an Coal Mine in the mining town of Hegang.  Four others died.  More
May 2006 Rescuers succeeded in pulling an iron miner whose legs had been pinned by rocks from a collapsed shaft in Anhui Province.  A total of five miners, including a female, out of the eight trapped had been pulled out alive.  More
  Eight miners were trapped following a collapse at the Dalongshan Iron Mine in Anhui Province.  One miner was brought to the surface 60 hours after the accident occurred.  Four more, including a woman were pulled out about 10 hours later.  More than 1,000 workers participated in the rescue.  More
Apr 2006 Five miners who were trapped in the flooded Yalong coal mine in southwest China's Guizhou province were rescued.  More
Mar 2006 One miner was rescued about 26 hours after the fatal blast at Rongsheng Colliery in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.  Eighteen miners died in the explosion.  More
Feb 2006 Seven Chinese miners are rescued 4 days after a cave-in at the Aiyou coal mine in China's northern Liaoning province.  More
Nov 2005 Six people trapped in a coal mine were rescued about seven hours after the mine caved in at Lengshuijiang, a city in central China's Hunan Province.  More
  One miner was rescued after being trapped for 260 hours (11 days) following a cave-in at a gypsum mine in China's Hebei Province.  The rescued miner, Yuan Shenglin, said he drank his urine four or five times.  More
Sep 2005 Three miners were killed and two others rescued in a colliery collapse that happened in east China's Anhui Province at the Daihe Coal Mine of Huaibei Coal Mining Group.  More
  Three of the 13 miners trapped in a flooded Dahao coal mine in southwest China's Guizhou Province were rescued.  More
Jul 2005 Three miners trapped in a flooded colliery in Henan Province, central China were rescued after nearly 60 hours from the Xigou colliery.  More
Apr 2005 10 coal miners were successfully rescued after being trapped underground for 36 hours following a colliery gas blast in the Shangyukou Colliery in China's Shaanxi Province.  More
  Two miners who had been trapped for 15 days in a collapsed mine in Leping, Jiangxi Province were rescued.  More
Mar 2005 Six miners were rescued 58 hours after they were trapped underground by a mudflow that occurred in the Yaozishan coal mine in Ningxiang county in Hunan Province.  More
Nov 2004 Four workers were pulled out alive from the Chenjiashan coal mine in Tongchuan city, Shaanxi Province.  A total of 166 miners were killed in the explosion.  More
Jun 2004 After some 20 hours of emergency rescue efforts, three miners who were buried in a mine collapse in the Shihu Gold Mine, located in Lingshou County Hebei Province were rescued.  More
Apr 2004 12 miners were rescued after being trapped for 5 days when a working face of Zhengzhou Coal Industrial Corporation's Chaohua coal mine in China's Henan Province was suddenly flooded.  More
  The only survivor of the Shuangyashan Coal Mine inundation was rescued around 8:30 a.m. on April 26th after being trapped underground for 27 hours.  Seven miners were killed in the flooding.  More
Aug 2002 One man was pulled out alive from a mine shaft, 5 days after a fire trapped him and 18 other workers underground in a pit in the northern Shanxi province.  There were no other survivors.  More
Jul 2002 Nine miners rescued after 8 days trapped in a coal mine in a northwestern province of China.  They survived on tree bark, muddy water.  More
Jul 1996 Three miners survived 8 days in a flooded mine in southern China.
Jan 1983 Two Chinese miners rescued after 23 days trapped in a coal mine in northeast China.

Austria India
Jul 1998 Georg Hainzl was rescued 9 days following a massive landslide in a talc mine caused by heavy rains 120 miles southwest of Vienna, Austria.  In an effort to locate and communicate with the trapped miner, rescuers drilled a temporary borehole.  Source documentExternal Link

Taiwan India
Dec 1984 Chou Chung-lu, 56, was rescued from a coal mine disaster after being entombed for four days.  He said hunger drove him to eat the flesh of a dead miner who had been sealed up with him.  Source documentExternal Link

India India
May 2013 A search and rescue team saved two illegal miners that were trapped in an abandoned gold mine owned by state-controlled mining company Aneka Tambang for 11 days.  More
Feb 2001 A miner trapped in a flooded state-run coal mine near the town of Dhanbad in eastern India for nearly 6 days was brought out alive.  More
Nov 1989 Sixty-six miners rescued 3 days after being trapped by an underground flood in a coal pit in eastern India.

Russia/Ukraine Russia  Ukraine
Jun 2009 A miner trapped for 3 days under rubble at the Yenakieve coal mine owned by the Ordzhonikidzevuhillia state enterprise in the Donetsk region was rescued.  More
Apr 2009 Two miners, trapped for 2 days following a roof collapse at the Poltavska coalmine in Yenakieve, Donetsk region, were rescued.  More
May 2005 5 miners were safely rescued From Siberian Mine after 6 hours following a cave-in.  More
Oct 2003 All 46 miners trapped in a mine inundated by floodwaters in southern Russia were safely rescued.  Contact was established with the miners some 36 hours after floodwaters from an underground lake poured into the Zapadnaya-Kapitalnaya shaft.  Eleven of the miners were trapped for 7 days.  More
Jun 2003 Rescuers pulled four miners out alive from a Russian mine in which a gas explosion killed 11.  The four rescued miners had been trapped underground for 40 hours, following the blast at the Ziminka mine in the Siberian region of Kemerovo.  More

South Africa South Africa
Oct 2007 There were no casualties when a pressurized air pipe snapped at the mine near Johannesburg and tumbled down a shaft on October 3rd, causing extensive damage and cutting off electricity to an elevator and stranding 3,200 miners more than a mile underground.  The miners, trapped for more than 24 hours, were brought to the surface the next day.  More
Jun 2006 A miner who was trapped almost 3km underground in Gold Fields' Kloof mine near Westonaria on the West Rand was rescued.  Another miner was killed when rocks fell on him during an earth tremor measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale.  More
Jan 2000 Nine gold miners survive for 4 days trapped in a gold mine at the African Rainbow Minerals mine near Orkney, South Africa.  Source documentExternal Link
Sep 1991 Rescuers found a gold miner alive after the man had been trapped two miles underground for more than two days in the Anglo American Corporation’s Western Deep Levels East Mine in Carletonville.  It is said the rescued miner had been trapped for 60 hours in a small area sealed off by a rock slide caused by an earthquake.  Source documentExternal Link

South Korea South Korea
Sep 1982 Four South Korean coal miners rescued 14 days after being trapped in a cave-in 800 feet underground.
Sep 1968 Kim Chang-son was rescued from the Kubong gold mine after an entrappment of 15 days, 8˝ hours.  He survived on wood bark and mine water during his ordeal.  Source documentExternal Link