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Mine Disasters in the United States

Disasters in Literature   (See "Authors" in our Links Library)

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Disaster at Cane Creek
An Unforgettable Story Especially For Those Who Lived It by Kymberly Mele.  An epic story of courage, survival, and tragedy, the Disaster at Cane Creek is the account of the devastating potash mine explosion that occurred August 27, 1963, only hours after a miraculous Sheppton mine rescue in Pennsylvania.  More
The Illustrated History of the Cherry Mine Disaster of 1909
by Jim Ridings
The mine at Cherry was just a few years old, and it was considered the safest mine in America. However, within hours, a fire in the mine would take the lives of 259 men and boys.  More
Famous Sheppton Mine Rescue
The Untold Story: The Blood and Sweat of the Rescue Team by J. Ronnie Sando  More
The Myth, Miracle & Music by Maxim W. Furek  More
The Deep Dark
Disaster and Redemption in America's Richest Silver Mine by Gregg Olsen  More
Fire and Brimstone
The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917 by Michael Punke  More
Deep Down Dark:
The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle that Set Them Free by Héctor Tobar
Tragedy at Pike River Mine
How and Why 29 Men Died by Rebecca Macfie
47 Down
The 1922 Argonaut Gold Mine Disaster by O. Henry Mace  More
No. 9
The 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster by Bonnie E. Stewart  More
The Tragic Story of the 1907 Monongah Mine Disaster by Davitt McAteer  More
Thunder on the Mountain
Death at Massey and the Dirty Secrets Behind Big Coal by Peter A. Galuszka  More
The Scotia Widows:
Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal by Gerald Stern  More
History of Bear Creek Valley
by Jeff McNeish
Goodbye Wifes and Daughters
by Susan Kushner Resnick  More
The 1909 Cherry Mine Disaster by Karen Tintori  More
All Nine Alive
The Dramatic Mine Rescue That Inspired and Cheered a Nation by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Staff  More
Our Story
77 Hours That Tested Our Friendship and Our Faith by The Quecreek Miners, Jeff Goodell  More
The Anatomy of a Disaster by Stanley Williamson
Last Man Out
The Story of the Springhill Mine Disaster by Melissa Fay Greene
Matewan Before the Massacre
Politics, Coal and the Roots of Conflict in a West Virginia Mining Community by Rebecca J. Bailey
The Battle of Blair Mountain
The Story of America's Largest Labor Uprising by Robert Shogan
When Miners March
by William C. Blizzard
The Ghosts of Mingo County
by Jeremy T. K. Farley
History of the Scofield Mine Disaster
A Concise Account of the Incidents and Scenes That Took Place At Scofield, Utah by James W. Dilley  More
Red Helmet
by Homer Hickam
The Devil is Here in These Hills
West Virginia's Coal Miners and Their Battle for Freedom by James Green
Trapped Under the Sea
One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles Into the Darkness by Neil Swidey
The Underworld
Inspired by the Sunshine mine fire in the early 1970s by Kevin Canty.  More
Miracle of Hominy Falls
A true story of survival deep inside a West Virginia coal mine by Tom Surbaugh  More
Act of Vengeance
The Yablonski murders and their solution by Trevor Armbrister
Hawk's Nest: A Novel
The building of a tunnel at Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, beginning in 1930 has been called the worst industrial disaster in American history by Hubert Skidmore.   More

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