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December 2015
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
16 Hegang City Coal Mine Heilongjiang Explosion 0 19
17 Xingli Coal Mine Liaoning Fire 17 0
25 Yurong Gypsum Mine Shandong Cave-in 14 0
Rescuers using infrared cameras to peer into darkness at a wrecked Yurong Gypsum Mine in Shandong province, eastern China on December 30th found four surviving miners who had been trapped for five days after a collapse so violent it registered as a seismic event.

On Friday night, January 29, 2016, after 36 days, these four miners were finally pulled to the surface.  Rescuers lowered a cable to the miners at the collapsed gypsum mine in eastern China's Pingyi County and, after the miners attached themselves to a harness, used it to pull them out one by one.  The rescue was called off on February 6, 2016.  More
December Totals 31 19
2015 Totals 175 102
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.