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December 2008
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
5 Xinzhuang Coal Mining Company Shanxi H2O Inundation 4 0
5 Xinzhuang Coal Mine Shanxi H2O Inundation 8 0
At least eight people were confirmed dead in a coal mine flood accident that was concealed by the owners last month in north China's Shanxi Province, the local government said Saturday.
11 Tongmukeng Coal Mine Sichuan Earthquake 2 0
17 Guaziyan Colliery Hunan Explosion 0 10
21 Abandoned Coal Mine Yunnan Asphyxiation 5 0
18 Chenxingyuan Coal Mine Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Cave-in 0 0
December 19 - Five people were rescued on Friday after being trapped for more than a day by a coal mine cave-in. More
31 Baiyanglin Coal Mine Guizhou H2O Inundation 4 9
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.