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December 2007
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
2 Shizishan Colliery Yunnan Explosion 9 0
3 Unnamed Coal Mine Yunnan Explosion 18 43
6 Xinyao Coal Mine Shanxi Explosion 105 0
8 Chengde Iron Mine Hebei Roof Fall 0 11
All the 11 miners trapped in the Chengde Iron Mine roof collapse in north China's Hebei Province were rescued after 129-hour rescue by Sunday morning.
12 Xinglong Coal Mine Shaanxi Explosion 5 0
12 Yangchong Iron Mine Anhui Cave-in 1 0
12 Qunfa Coal Mine Jiangxi H2O Inundation 3 0
16 Six trapped miners were rescued on Sunday, but one person is still missing after an iron ore mine collapsed in east China's Anhui Province on Tuesday (December 11).  See More.
17 A miner from the Qunfa Coal Mine in Jiangxi Province was rescued after having being trapped inside a flooded mine for 113 hours while three of his colleagues died in the accident.
25 Jiyu Lead and Zinc Mine Hebei Explosion 8 0
25 Tuyagou Colliery Inner Mongolia Mud Slide 4 0
28 Forty-five people escaped or were rescued following the Mawushan Coal Mine flood in north China's coal-rich Shanxi Province. 43 people escaped on their own shortly after the accident. The other two were trapped for more than 30 hours before they were rescued at midday Thursday.
30 Shunfa Coal Mine Heilongjiang Explosion 19 0
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.