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October 2007
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
6 Shunxing Coal Mine Yunnan Explosion 7 0
14 Jianxin Coal Mine Jianxin Explosion 1 18
24 Unnamed Coal Mine Shanxi Cave-in 12 0
27 Yaotou Coal Mine Shaanxi H2O Inundation 0 9
28 Lingxian Coal Mine Jiangxi H2O Inundation 0 9
31 A miner was rescued around 2:30pm today from a flooded coal mine in Jiangxi Province after being trapped inside for 83 hours, Xinhua news agency reported.  The 45-year-old miner, Huang Guigen, was not in a critical condition, and he could walk and speak in a stong voice, the report said.  See more.
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.