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September 2005
Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
30 Longteng Fujian Asphyxiation 3 0
22 Daihe Anhui Cave-in 3 0
22 Baimian Guangdong Cave-in 3 0
19 Changfeng Jiangxi Explosion 9 0
15 Qinfenggou West Shaanxi Explosion 12 0
     Mine owners have again resorted to covering up accidents. The Qinfenggou West coal mine may have resulted in as many as 12 deaths (see article), with reports of bribes made to relatives and the media.
     A report released by the State Supervision General Bureau for Safe Production revealed that a number of serious coal mine accidents have been concealed in the last few weeks.
     Three suspected bodies were found last week in a morgue near Wangtai Iron Mine in North China's Shanxi Province, where a possible accident allegedly covered up late last month is being investigated. Further investigation is still going on to determine the exact location, the death toll and the cause of the accident.
     Another case involves Hexing Coal Mine, and possibly Liuwujia Coal Mine in the city of Jixi, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, where a gas explosion and death toll as high as 20 were reported by sources.
     Liu Wujia and Liu Wenjia, the owners of the mine, later confessed to the police about three deaths and one injury in a previously concealed gas explosion on August 25.
     Meanwhile, authorities have also received reports last week of four mine accidents: three in Liaoning Province in Northeast China and one in Yunnan Province in Southwest China.
15 Illegal manganese Mine Guangxi Zhuang Cave-in 4 0
11 Jinyuan Heilongjiang Fire 14 1
10 Dahao Guizhou H2O Inundation 10 0
6 Zhike Township Shanxi Explosion 17 0
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.