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August 2008
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
1 Pingyu Coal Mine Henan Explosion 14 1
August 6 - Eight of the nine workers trapped for a week in a collapsed coal mine in Shaanxi province in northwest China have come out alive.
7 Unnamed Gold Mine Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture H2O Inundation 4 0
12 Longtanchong Iron Mine Anhui Cave-in 3 0
August 14 - Two miners who had been trapped underground for over 50 hours underground following an iron ore mine cave-in in east China's Anhui province on Monday were rescued on Wednesday night.
18 Baijiagou Coal Mine Liaoning Explosion 26 0
August 21 - 19 MINERS trapped down a shaft 1,385 meters deep were rescued at 7.30am on August 18, some 36 hours after the men were unable to exit because of obstructions in the shaft caused by a metal frame which fell while being lowered. More
29 Ketu Tunnel Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tunnel Collapse 4 0
29 Illegal Coal Mine Hebei Cave-in 0 9
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.