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August 2007
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
4 Panlong Coal Mine Shaanxi Explosion 4 4
6 Railway Tunnel Not provided Cave-in 0 9
7 Qianxi Coal Mine Guizhou H2O Inundation 0 13
13 Jinmei Coal Mine Xinjiang Cave-in 7 0
16 Shanjipo Coal Mine Shanxi Explosion 4 0
16 Zhayi Colliery Jiangxi H2O Inundation 0 14
17 The 14 miners who were trapped for more than a day in a flooded colliery in east China's Jiangxi Province were rescued.  The miners had found high ground above the four-meter-deep floodwater with ventilation.  The water level dropped to two meters on Friday morning and one meter by the time they were rescued, thanks to the continuous pumping.
18 Huayuan Coal Mine Shandong H2O Inundation 172 0
22 Chinese rescuers will take months to drain a flooded coal mine where 172 workers are spending their sixth day trapped underground, an official from the nation`s work safety agency said.  “Even if we pump 5,000 cubic metres of water an hour, it would take at least 100 days to empty the pit," Huang Yi, a spokesman for the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, said by phone on Wednesday from the flooded mine in Shandong province.  The mine contains about 12.6 Mt of water, he said.  See more.
18 Zhangzhuang Mine Shandong H2O Inundation 0 9
25 Liyuan Coal Mine Inner Mongolia Explosion 7 0
25 Unnamed Coal Mine Not provided H2O Inundation 0 8
25 Two miners who had been trapped after a cave-in in a suburban coal mine in Beijing for more than five days managed to survive after rescue work ended.  Four days after rescue work ended, the miners managed to break through the debris and climb out of the shaft on Friday morning.  They were sent to the township clinic and then transferred to the Yanhua Phoenix Hospital in the district.  See more.
29 Unnamed Coal Mine Hunan Explosion 0 9
31 Shunli Coal Mine Henan Explosion 1 5
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.