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July 2012
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
4 Qielichong Colliery Hunan H2O Inundation 8 0
8 Unnamed Coal Mine Hunan Explosion 7 0
17 Puxijing Coal Mine Hunan Explosion 3 0
20 Lunan Limestone Mine Anhui Open Pit Collapse 3 0
25 Anlilai Coal Mine Guizhou Roof Fall 0 0

Fifty-three rescuers were freed after becoming trapped while trying to save five coal miners stuck underground following a roof fall in the Anlilai Coal Mine in Guizhou Province.  As they tried to enter the mine, the tunnel collapsed a second time and trapped the rescuers.  The 53 were trapped for less than a day and were brought out through a freshly-dug tunnel.  The original 5 trapped miners were rescued after an entrapment period of 96 hours.

26 Yangquan Coal Mine Shanxi Explosion 7 0
28 Wengfu Phosphate Mine Guizhou Slope Failure 4 0
31 Unnamed Iron Mine Xinjiang Mud Slide 28 0
July Totals 60 0
2012 Totals 259 62
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.