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June 2004
Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
2 Shihu Gold Mine Hebei Cave-in 0 0
After some 20 hours of emergency rescue efforts, three miners who were buried in a gold mine collapse were rescued.
2 Hongxing Coal Mine Henan H2O Inundation 8 0
3 Hongda Coal Mine Hebei Explosion 14 0
14 people were killed in the June 3rd coal mine blast in Handan and the mine's managers were found to have covered up the case.  Mine's chief Ma Dengfeng ordered to hide the truth to avoid trouble.  Under his direction, the mine organised rescue work without reporting to the local authority and the dead bodies were transferred outside, the report alleged.  The mine then declared one death, 23 injuries and incinerated 11 bodies secretly.
7 Kaiyuan Colliery Henan Explosion 2 2
7 Da'anshan Coal Mine Fangshan District (Beijing) Cave-in 0 10
7 Honghui No. 4 Coal Mine Gansu H2O Inundation 0 0
Thirty-four coal miners trapped in a flooded shaft in northern China managed to escape alive.
9 Yongliu Colliery Guizhou Explosion 9 0
10 Wanbao Coal Mine Jilin Fire 10 1
13 Jintai Coal Mine Liaoning Explosion 4 0
16 Huangling No. 1 Coal Mine Shaanxi Explosion 22 1
16 Pengling Copper Mine Hubei H2O Inundation 0 11
26 Unnamed Coal Mine Sichuan Unknown 7 0
27 Unnamed Coal Mine Gansu Cave-in 6 0
28 Muchengjian Colliery Beijing Bump 1 0
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.