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April 2012
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
2 Kunlong Coal Mine Shanxi Fire 1 0
The case was not revealed until Xinhua reporters sought confirmation from the bureau when learning of the case from local residents.
6 Fengxing Coal Mine Jilin H2O Inundation 12 0
10 Kongzhuang Coal Mine Jiangsu H2O Inundation 4 3
13 Shanfu Coal Mine Shanxi H2O Inundation 10 1
14 Yulongyuantong Coal Mine Henan H2O Inundation 9 0
15 Shubang Coal Mine Fujian Building Collapse 9 3
A four-story residential building owned by the Subang coal mine collapsed.  The collapse was caused by the detonation of illegally stored explosive materials in an adjacent garage.  Although not stated in the article, it is presumed the explosives and the Subang coal mine are in some way connected.
23 Xingya Coal Mine Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Explosion 9 0
25 Hongbaidi Coal Mine Guizhou Asphyxiation 4 0
26 Xinsheng Coal Mine Guizhou H2O Inundation 2 9
April Totals 60 16
2012 Totals 146 40
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.