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April 2010
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Date Mine Name Location Accident Type Dead Missing1
2 Quanzigou Coal Mine Shaanxi Fire 9 0
7 Chayuan Coal Mine Yunnan Fire 3 0
8 Shundagaofeng Iron Mine Hunan H2O Inundation 1 0
10 Five trapped miners rescued.  Three were pulled out alive at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning after 47 hours in the flooded Shundagaofeng iron ore mine.  Two were saved Thursday.
10 Fengyun Manganese Co. Hunan Mine Dreg Overflow 1 5
10 Xincheng Coal Mine Liaoning Explosion 6 0
5/25 The explosion happened in the Xincheng coal mine in Benxi city of Liaoning on April 10, killing six, but the owner concealed the accident.
20 Unnamed coal mine Jiangxi H2O Inundation 0 0
21 Seven miners who had been trapped underground after a coal mine flooding in eastern China's Jiangxi Province were all rescued early Wednesday morning
20 Xingfeng Coal Mine Jiangxi Explosion 12 0
21 Shidai Nickel Mine Henan Explosion 7 0
27 Unnamed mine Fujian Explosives 2 0
1 Missing miners remain listed for incidents where no follow-up news report was provided.