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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Heins and Glassmire Mine Hoisting Disaster

Middleport, Pennsylvania
August 10, 1870
No. Killed 9

Twelve Miners Precipitated Down a Shaft 200 Feet
The New York Times, New York
August 11, 1870

Pottsville, Pa., Aug. 10. -- At 4 o'clock this afternoon a cage in the shaft of Heins and Glassmire, near Middleport, containing twelve miners, was precipitated to the bottom, 200 feet, by the giving way of the hoisting machinery.

The following were killed:
  • Thomas Quigley
  • George Stouch
  • John Roper
  • Jacob Kline
  • David Jones
  • John Matthews
  • John McGurnley, terribly injured
  • E. Manuels, terribly injured
  • Hugh McAunly, terribly injured
  • Albert Koch, terribly injured
  • William Matthews, slightly injured
  • Patrick Day, slightly injured
Several hours elapsed before the bodies could be brought out of the shaft.  A temporary cage had to be constructed to hoist the dead and mangled bodies to the surface.

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