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Rescuer Deaths
99 Events Identified

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1904 - Harwick Mine Explosion, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
1906 - Haverstraw Clay Pit Collapse, Haverstraw, New York
1909 - Northwestern Mine Asphyxiation, Ashford County, Washington
1912 - Cherry Valley Mine Fire, Cherry Valley, Pennsylvania
1914 - Boston Mine Fire, Bingham, Utah
1943 - Pursglove No. 15 Mine Fire, Pursglove, West Virginia

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1899 - Diamondville No. 1 Mine Asphyxiations, Diamondville, Wyoming
1907 - Thomas No. 25 Mine Explosion, Thomas, West Virginia
1911 - Cokedale Mine Explosion, Trinidad, Colorado
1911 - Belmont Mine Fire, Tonopah, Nevada
1916 - Pennsylvania Mine Fire, Butte, Montana
1918 - Carthage Fuel Company, Carthage, New Mexico
1921 - Sahara No. 8 Mine Explosion, Eldorado, Illinois
1926 - Nelson Mine Explosion, Nelson Creek, Kentucky
1930 - Standard Mine Explosion, Standardville, Utah
1943 - C. F. H. (Mulcahy) Mine Cave-in, Shullsburg, Wisconsin
1943 - Smith No. 3 Mine Explosion, Bearcreek Mountain, Montana

View commemorated disasters for this month
1905 - Rush Run and Red Ash Mine Explosions, Red Ash, West Virginia
1907 - Seattle Electric Company, Renton County, Washington
1908 - Hanna No. 1 Mine Explosions, Hanna, Wyoming
1915 - Black Hawk Mine Fire, Black Hawk, Utah
1924 - Castle Gate No. 2 Mine Explosions, Castle Gate, Utah
1937 - Kramer Mine Explosions, DuBois, Pennsylvania
1940 - Willow Grove No. 10 Mine Explosion, Neffs, Ohio
1944 - Katherine No. 4 Mine Explosion, Shinnston, West Virginia
1953 - O'Brien Mine Explosion, Lovilia, Iowa
1971 - Nemacolin Mine Fire, Nemacolin, Pennsylvania
1976 - Scotia Mine Explosions, Ovenfork, Kentucky

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1887 - Old Savanna No. 2 Mine Explosion, Savanna, Oklahoma
1905 - Zeigler Mine Explosions, Zeigler, Illinois
1911 - Price-Pancoast Mine Fire, Throop, Pennsylvania
1913 - Cincinnati Mine Explosion, Finleyville, Pennsylvania
1917 - Hastings Mine Explosion, Hastings, Colorado
1917 - Mountain King Mine Asphyxiation, Mariposa County, California
1927 - Connellsville By-Product Asphyxiation, Morgantown, West Virginia
1971 - Barnett Complex H2S Poisoning, Rosiclare, Illinois
1978 - Moss No. 3 Portal A Inundation, Duty, Virginia

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1911 - Hartford Mine Fire, Negaunee, Michigan
1913 - Taylor Mine Asphyxiations, Hartford, Kentucky
1913 - Imperial Mine Explosion, Belle Valley, Ohio
1915 - Smokeless Valley No. 1 Explosion, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
1920 - Mullan Tailing Plant Electrocution, Mullan, Idaho
1920 - Submarine Mine Explosion, Clinton, Indiana
1940 - Anthracite Bootleg Operation, Eastern Pennsylvania
1975 - Deer Creek Mine Roof Fall, Huntington, Utah
1982 - Magma Mine Cave-in, Superior, Arizona

View commemorated disasters for this month
1873 - Henry Clay Colliery Explosion, Shamokin, Pennsylvania
1901 - Port Royal No. 2 Explosion and Fire, Port Royal, Pennsylvania
1906 - Rocky Fork Mine Fire, Red Lodge, Montana
1908 - Gold King Mine Fire, Gladstone, Colorado
1966 - Dora No. 2 Mine Asphyxiations, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
1970 - Hazard Gold Mine Asphyxiation, Foresthill, California
1975 - Boron Mine and Mill Asphyxiation, Boron, California
1981 - Grays Knob No. 5 Inundation, Grays Knob, Kentucky

View commemorated disasters for this month
1902 - Rolling Mill Mine Explosion, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
1902 - Daly West and Ontario Silver Mines Explosion, Park City, Utah
1920 - Black Diamond No. 2 Fatalities, Black Diamond, Washington
1944 - Powhatan Mine Fire, Belmont, Ohio
1950 - Lark Section - U. S. and Lark Mine Fire, Lark, Utah

View commemorated disasters for this month
1913 - East Brookside Mine Explosions, Tower City, Pennsylvania
1919 - Confined Space Fatality, Trinidad, Colorado
1936 - Kathleen Mine Fire, Dowell, Illinois
1936 - Mountain City Mine Asphyxiation, Mountain City, Nevada
1943 - General Chemical Defense Corp., Point Pleasant, West Virginia
1943 - Sayreton No. 2 Mine, Sayreton, Jefferson County, Alabama
1985 - R & R Mine No. 3 Asphyxiation, Woodbine, Kentucky
2007 - Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse, Huntington, Utah

View commemorated disasters for this month
1869 - Steuben Shaft Mine Fire, Plymouth, Pennsylvania
1879 - Grizzly Mine Asphyxiations, Alta, Utah
1913 - Mine Rescue Training Fatality, Rock Springs, Wyoming
1915 - Alta-Quincy Tunnel Exploration, Salt Lake City, Utah
1936 - Metz Coal Mine Asphyxiation, Fulton, Missouri
1966 - Morgan Mine Fire, St. Clairsville, Ohio
1979 - Mathies Emergency Capsule Fatality, Washington County, PA
1981 - Warrier Gold Mine Explosion, Burgdorf, Idaho
2001 - JWR No. 5 Mine Explosions, Brookwood, Alabama

View commemorated disasters for this month
1896 - No. 3 Shaft Explosion, South Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
1906 - Pocahontas Mine Explosion, Pocahontas, Virginia
1913 - Dawson No. 2 Mine Explosion, Dawson, New Mexico
1916 - Jamison No. 7 Mine Explosion and Fire, Barrackville, West Virginia
1916 - Marvel No. 2 Mine Explosion, Marvel, Alabama
1930 - Dalton Coal Company Mine Fire, Dalton, Ohio
1940 - Wanamie Colliery Mine Fire, Wanamie, Pennsylvania
1956 - Wharton Auger Mine Asphyxiations, Ohio
1970 - Tenneco Open-Pit Uranium Mine Electrocution, Texas
2002 - Storm Decline Exploration, Elko, Nevada

View commemorated disasters for this month
1901 - Baby Mine Fire, Pocahontas, Virginia
1903 - Koarsarge Gold Mine Fire, Virginia City, Montana
1909 - St. Paul No. 2 Mine Fire, Cherry, Illinois
1910 - Victor American No. 3 Mine Fire, Delagua, Colorado
1911 - Adrian Mine Explosion, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
1917 - Jamison No. 7 Mine Explosion and Fire, Barrackville, West Virginia
1948 - Nethken Mine Asphyxiations, Kitzmiller, Maryland
2013 - Revenue-Virginius Mine Asphyxiation, Ouray, Colorado

View commemorated disasters for this month
1907 - Monongah Nos. 6 & 8 Mine Explosion, Monongah, West Virginia
1921 - Satanic Mine Fire, Morrison, Colorado
1921 - No. 1 Mine Explosion, Ellsworth, Pennsylvania
1925 - Fairview Gold Mine Fire and Cave-in, Nederland, Colorado
1985 - No. 2 Slope Afterdamp Asphyxiation, Carlstown, Pennsylvania
Note: The list above represents all disasters in the United States that we've been able to locate where the death of responders and mine rescue personnel occurred.  It most probably does not include all that have occurred.  As more incidents are uncovered, they too will be included.  If you know of any others that have been overlooked, please contact us.

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